Monday, January 25, 2010

Sporaticly Interesting Good Times

Ahh, welcome to second semester of my junior year of college. Also, the first month of the year of 2010. It has been quite eventful thus far. Many ups, not so many downs, and intriguing to say the least. I have thoroughly enjoyed being back and spending time with friends and roommates (not to say they are friends). I am currently/shocking sitting in class with Professor Sage. I know, how unusual for me to be sitting in Sage's class writing in my journal, on the computer, and not giving the class my full attention. It is nice to have someone to talk to even though stupid Jonathan went to Germany, I now have Jason to talk to. Poking fun at Sage is always a plus. I am now in Late Romantic, so no I didn't have to retake Baroque and I did pass despite my lack of attention skills in this class. I spent most of my weekend with Chris which is always nice. He showed up at my work on Saturday afternoon with a dozen roses. He is so sweet! I love when he does incredibly sweet things like that. We then drove home, correction, I drove home! I love when he lets me drive, it is so rare ever since his mom told him she doesn't want to driving his car. We hung out at home and watched Friends which we love to do. We are almost done with the series, we have two more discs then we will move onto Scrubs. Chris is the most excited about that. We will see if I like it, I have never watched it. He endured Gilmore Girls (which he liked) for me, so I can do this for him. After spending the night there, I had to wake up obnoxiously early to go to work with him. I didn't like the early hour, but did enjoy eating Carls and getting to see his work. I did homework for about an hour (if that) then when he said he wished he had times to do some of the other work they have, I offered to help. Being Sunday, there was only one other person there in his section and his lead. His boss wasn't even there. Most of the other sections were there because it was mandatory for them, but it wasn't a full day for all the employees to be there. It was so cool, I felt so important and on the inside. I got to see David, since he works with Chris, so that was cool. Everyone there knew who I was which was kinda weird but so great! I love that he talks about me and people know who I am! So I helped with stock and putting things in bags, labeling, and counting. It was really fun. I wish I had gotten paid, but I did to help Baby so that is enough for me. Seriously, they start at $12 an hour there and at my job that I have been at for a year and a half I only make $8.50. We left at about 12pm and went home and I worked on homework. We took about a two hour nap because we were so tired, then just spent our time together, I miss him when we are apart. It keeps getting harder and harder I feel like, at the same time easy when we are busy, but nights are the worst. Plus, not being able to talk to him as often just kills me. Ten minutes a day doesn't really do it for me. Hopefully I get to see him this weekend, even though I have concerts both Saturday and Sunday, but he might come to Disneyland with us, but only if I can get him a ticket. If not, maybe I can have him come down Sunday which seems silly because we are leaving APU at 1, concert at 4, dinner there at 6, then back by 7:30/8 so there is no time to spend with him. The music just got really loud and dramatic. Scary. Oh one minutes, thank goodness. I am having lunch with one of my girls today, Allison, I'm really excited. I love getting to eat with them. Plus, it has finally stopped raining, so I finally get to eat at the Walk again. I can't believe I went 2 years without every eating there. Stupid. Off to German, tata.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


So the beginning of a new semester has begun! It is exciting to be back at school with friends and peers. I'm looking forward to the new semester of meeting people and spending more time with my girls. I intend to have lunch with each of them one on one. I'm really happy that I stayed another year in Bel Canto because having their friendship means the world to me. So far all of my classes have gone exceptionally well for the first day. Psychology is going to be interesting I think and I like the teacher. I don't know anyone in my class, but I did talk to a girl name Kat so that was cool. It is nice because Jasmine and I have a class in the same building at the same time MWF and so we walk over together, then walk to chapel and sit together. I'm really happy Jasmine and I are getting to close; same with Joanna, I think her and I are really bonding. After chapel we walk back to east and she goes to work and I head off to my Late Romantic class with Sage again, yay! I know quite a few people in that class of course, being a music class. Jason is my class which is cool we get to hang out. We had dinner together last night which was fun, he's a good friend to have, I like him. Then I head to my German II class. I know a bunch of people in that class as well. I miss the old German teacher but she is on maternity leave, and I like the new guy but he is so energetic, which is fun, but I'm still a bit nervous about the class so we will see. Then I have a break where I eat lunch and I am hoping to use that time to eat with some of my girls. I really want to do that with each of them. Then I have Bel Canto, which I love, and Performance Forum on Mondays. Tuesday is a whole other deal, so I will include that next time. This was just a fun overview of what my semester is looking like and what I'm hoping will come about from it.

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Day for a New Year

Well, it has been a fairly low profile evening for me. I know I wrote earlier, but it was more of a reflection then a journal entry. I spent New Years Eve with Chris reflecting (talking/crying) about all the things we feel we have issues on in our relationship and what we can each do personally to make things better. It was actually helpful and healthy for us. I feel really good about the whole discussion. We then poured ourselves two glasses of water and toasted the New Year as the ball dropped in New York at midnight and then shared our first kiss for the year of 2010 and the beginning of the decade. Both being sick, my mostly fully recovered aside from a stuffy nose and Chris not doing much better at all, we did not do anything to extravagant. We then went off to bed to wake up at 6 am this morning so I could go home and get ready for work. I then went back to bed and woke up at 7am, got dressed, then preceded to call Chris 13 times because my mom didn't wake up to take me to work. Then I went to work and opened with Derek. I was actually really happy to be at work since, being New Years and technically a holiday, I got time and a half. Spent the morning helping Derek detail the store, I know I am going to feel the effects from scrubbing the floor tomorrow. After work Chris picked me up and we went to his house and watched a few episodes of Friends. We then did a little bit of shopping at Walmart and Blockbuster. Then we went to The Habit, somewhere we have never been together I like that we are trying something new, and ate dinner. We then went home and watched Shrek the Halls and attempted to watch Robin Hood: Men in Tights. I was not at all amused, and Chris fell asleep anyway and was snoring. I felt bad he was sick, but being only 8pm I was bored so I called my mom, told Chris I was leaving which being completely incoherent he did not seem to notice/care, and went home. I then hung out in my room and watched Journey to the Center of the Earth which I have both seen and own, but have been feeling like seeing again since I have only seen it once. Not much of an eventful day or evening to say the least, but I certainly enjoyed it. It is so nice to be able to relax and do nothing if I feel like it.

Well then, until next time. Peace.

Years That Come and Go

Here we are in the year 2010. We have made it through another decade, how crazy is that?! There are so many memories and things to be said about the past 10 years of my life. I have gone through puberty, first crushes, first boyfriends, first loves, first kiss, first day in middle school, becoming a teenager, becoming an adult, turning the big 20, voting for the first time, buying my first lottery ticket, paying my first bill, getting my license, first day of high school, graduation from high school and junior high, graduation from elementary school, first day of college, and so many other monumental moments that would take me hours to go through them all. I can't believe another decade has passed, though I have only experienced two in my lifetime. I am going into the year of 2010 a young woman. No longer a teenager, I enter this year with new eyes, though I do not feel any different than I did at 19. I do find great joy in saying, "stupid teenagers" now and again. I am entering my second semester as a junior in college at Azusa Pacific University, planning my junior recital, and first performance, as a music major and as a college student. I am also living on my own (on campus) with three other roommates, but I do pay for my own food and utilities. I cannot believe that I am growing up so fast, I feel like I was 10 years old yesterday. I have a boyfriend whom I love, friends whom I adore, and a family that loves me. I am so fortunate to be alive, have such a wonderful life, and I thank God for everything He has blessed me with. I, unlike many other people, did not set a new year's resolution, I could not even think of something. Sure, there are plenty of things I would like to accomplish, but I feel when you set yourself that kind of goal it is always attempted and thought of in vain. One year I said I would write in my journal every year, that was the last time my journal heard from me. I said I would work out, 50 sit ups later I gave up. I said I would stop biting my nails, hear that? Nope, because my fingernails don't make any noise when I type because they are nonexistent. I started to write this because I was bored and frustrated my boyfriend had fallen asleep leaving me nothing to do, but now I am grateful for the chance to reflect on the past 10 years, look forward to the years to come and my desires for the future, and lay out my life in front of me with the simple touch of my fingers to the keys. Good night, good night, for all is well in the land of all.