Saturday, October 30, 2010

Left in the Midst

What have you lost?

I lost my best friend.
I lost the love of my life.
I lost my heart.
I lost him.
I lost a part of myself.
I lost my other half.
I lost hope.
I lost my plans.
I lost my comfort.
I lost my support.
I lost love.
I lost my future.
I lost happiness.
I lost everything.

What am I left with?

Pain, so much pain. Heartache. I am left with an overwhelming desire for it all to be set right, for the pain to subside and for there to be a sense of calm over my soul. Most importantly, I am left with God, broken and alone.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Sometimes, people say the sweetest things!

Haha...stop it! But thank you! You're freakin amazing and ridiculously gorgeous inside and out. I didn't tell you this but your faith that God would provide through your whole mom thing was amazing and inspiring and showed just how much you truly are a gorgeous woman of God! Love you!

This was from Sam after I commented on her Facebook profile picture telling her she is gorgeous. Gotta love the encouragement! ;)