Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Strange to say the least

Dream time. So just woke up from one of my stranger dreams and I need to write it down so I don't forget. I always feel that when I literally write it down, I do not write as quickly as I type and I seem to leave essential details out and since it is on paper I find it more difficult to backtrack. Anyway, I had a dream that my friend Ashley got married. Now normally this would not be seen as an odd dream, but the difference is, this is not a friend that I ever talk to. Ashley O. was my good friend in high school, but freshman year of college we had a major falling out. It was rough for awhile, but I have since recovered. We also attempted to make up, but nothing ever came from that except for the acceptance that we are comfortable with how our relationship is, though neither of us has ever said that. We message each other on Facebook just to say hi maybe once every six months or so, but aside from that, we don't ever talk. Anyway, it starts out with me arriving with my friend. Sadly enough, I cannot remember who I was there with. The first person I see is Nicole. This is also a girl from my high school, we used to be best friends my freshman/sophomore year, but then she discovered much cooler people to befriend and ditched me. Anyway, her and Ashley are not even friends (nor have they ever been) and neither are her and I so it was strange to see her there. I do, however, still have a picture in my room of the two of us so maybe that's why. In my dream, though, I was not bothered by her presence, I did not find it odd, it was completely natural and I approached her as if I were looking for her. Turns out she was one of the ushers for the wedding. She was dressed in a prom type dress, as were many of guests, at least the young people, and shocked by all this I followed them. After I entered this giant, beautiful church (also strange because Ashley is Jewish) that had stairs that went up to the stage, a large podium off to the right vaulted ceilings, chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, and all these other gorgeous details I do not think I have seen before. Honestly, without all the glam, it kind of reminded me of the church attached to my elementary school. It was bigger than that, but during the service we could here clapping from another room, and I assumed it was from the conference room across the hall. This made sense because though we did not go to the same elementary school, Ashley and myself, being a Christian school and all, but we had talked about how funny it was that we were so close to each other our whole lives but never met until high school. Anyway, I walk in and now I'm in an equally gorgeous dress and I'm walking to my seat in the back. We did not enter because they were taking people in the church in some sort of order and so we were trying to wait our turn. Then the choir starts singing, and we realized we needed to go in and Stefani had just run by to go tell Ashley they were ready for her. So then, we picked two seats on the end, on the right side, in the second to last row. Behind us, was Ashley's dad. He could not figure out the camera and was talking about it out loud as the choir sang, and whoever I was with (this was a girl by the way, one of my friends whose face I cannot picture now, but I guess it wasn't important) knew a lot about them so she helped him. So I move to the back because that way I could take better pictures. The choir had stopped singing and moved to the ends of the stage and now all these other people were on the stairs in some sort of formation and I had not even realized that Ashley had already made her entranced, I missed it! For some reason I was not that upset about it, very shocking for me, and Ashley's dad, not being able to work his camera, asks me to remind him who everyone is. This was the weird part, the people on stage. So I use my camera to zoom in on people's faces to make it more clear for him to see. I tell him the whole first row was the year before us in high school or more. There were our freshman that Ashley, Ashleigh, and I claimed our senior year, except they looked exactly the way they had when we met them. This girl I was in jazz choir with for a little while before she dropped, can't remember her name but she was blonde, and other people I recognized from our Chamber Choir in high school and other places around campus. Then I looked around and noticed that the bridesmaids consisted of Shiloah, the accompanist for my college choir that Ashley does not even know, Michaela and Kelsey were there as well. Lisa was there also which was very shocking because all those people are from my college and she does not know them. Then I Can't remember if Stefani was on stage, but I know she was there. Then I spotted Ashley. She looked SO incredibly beautiful her hair was blonde on top with her brown roots coming through, but in an intentional manner, the bottom underneath was her natural brown and the rest highlighted dirty blonde made her hair shine! She had this diamond necklace that started in a circle shape like a typical necklace then came in like a "V" to a point. It went well with her V neck dress that had lace sleeves in some sort of design in a creamy type white and it came over forming into the dress that had buttons attached to the dress with the lace, that came down the middle then spread out in the bottom forming the trail. It was beautiful. It is much better in my head though. The bridesmaid dresses were somewhat similar, but nothing in comparison to how beautiful her dress was. They had on knee length dresses that were a dark violet color (had a blue under tone to it) and they had shawls over them that were lace like her dress. It was a different lace of course, there was not white, but more a cream/tan type color. There's did not shine either, hers sparkled, I think because she always had that sparkling personality. So the shawl's sleeves came to their wrists and it went almost all the way down to the bottom of their dresses, but you could see the dress through them. They had a bouquet of white flowers, but not a daisy just something like that with purple roses that matched their dresses in the middle mixed in with the white. So pretty! Anyway, her little sister was her maid of honor. None of Ashley's friends that I knew were there because I do not know them. Anyway, Ashley and all those people were up there singing something. Then they step down and Jonte, another person from my college, gets up and starts singing. He walks over to the keyboard and plays something fabulous and sings. I remember being jealous that all my friends were in her wedding, but that passed as I thought it. I noticed to the left of me way in the front a dog was there, a giant dog. Super cute, but he kept climbing over people in an awkward manner, that was when I woke up. Weird right? I feel like I was thinking about weddings because I talked to my soon to be married friend Jasmine before bed, and I was thinking about having married friends, but it does not add up to why it was Ashley in my dream and not someone else, someone I talk to more or spend time with.