Friday, April 23, 2010

So Much To Do, So Little Time

In one week and two days I will perform my junior recital. The chaos and stress that is bring to my life is not something I am thrilled about. I am excited to perform, I'm excited so many people are coming, and I am excited that I finally get to do something just for me that shows how far my voice and talent has come in the last 3 years here at APU. I'm so nervous though. I want everything to go so well. I finally picked out my dress, my mom is picking it up tomorrow. It is gorgeous and I want it to look beautiful so I have spent three weeks eating right and exercising. I feel I am doing really well and am losing weight, but better than that, I feel healthy. I printed my poster up yesterday and will be putting them up today. Everything is basically prepared. I need to make sure I have my songs down and the words and meaning all align. I hope everyone enjoys it. Things have been so crazy lately with school and work. Teachers seem to think we have this endless amount of time to devote to their specific class. I made a page and a half list of all the things I need to accomplish. It sounds doable, but on the down side there is so much that goes into each of those things that I'm very nervous about it. Tonight I have work at Jamba Juice, then tomorrow morning as well. Then Chris will come get me, I will go home and get my dress and shoes and take a load of my stuff home. I will spend some time with Chris for a change which will be nice and then I have to be back at school by 1230 on Sunday for the two shows I have that day. It is such a busy weekend that I am NOT looking forward too. I honestly don't want to go to Bel Canto on Sunday because I know I really need to work on my homework and papers and recital pieces. Anyway, thinking about all this is stressing me out. I am now going to spend the remainder of class looking over my French pieces. Wish me luck!