Friday, February 19, 2010

Rapping for the Roomie

Chillin with my roommate Jasmine
Talking about all these crazy men
Rocking to them awesome songs
Haven't done this is so dang long
Texting, Typing, Talking, sweet
All while keeping that steady beat
Texting with my crazy bro
Man, you know he such a hoe
Wasting the day away
Facebook stalkin' all the way
Dance parites galore
Yeah, you know we want some more
Laughing, teasing, singin
Waiting for Adam to come a ringin'
We just too cool for all you nerds
Cause chillin with us is just too fun, word.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Delightful Dramatic Delinquents

Hello lonely friend,

I am sure you are wondering where I have been. I am aware my social skills are lacking in the area of maintaining important friendships. To fully understand my absence, you must know what has been occuring my strikingly busy schedule. To begin, let's start at the beginning of the week, Saturday in this particular case. Saturday was the Disneyland concert with Bel Canto. The chaotic planning and the extravagant amount of work that goes into making this particular production go even slightly smoothly is unbelievably ridiculous. After spending the majority of my morning on the telephone having an extensively profound conversation with Laura's answering machine, needless to say, I was not in the best of moods. After 35 unresponsive and pointless phone calls, 105 rings, and 35 "This is Laura's," we finally had all of the girls and made our way to Disneyland 45 minutes behind schedule. Once we had arrived in Disneyland and began booking it to The Toontown Bridge, I ran into a few of my girls, who drove to Disneyland, just wandering around the park. I don't care if the whole choir is late and you are in "The Happiest Place on Earth theme park," if I told you to be at the bridge at 10:30am, sit your ass down on a bench and wait for us so I don't have to wander around the park with a cellphone permanently attached to my ear dragging your delinquent butts off rides. Trust me, if Dr. Hughes did not insist everyone be present, I would not have to behave as if I were your parental unit rather than your leader who just finds your lack of responsibility annoying. In the mean time, I am receiving phone calls left and right from Dr. Hughes inquiring about the girls who have yet to arrive. After having found all the girls, the consistent one person who couldn't show up on time if you turned the clocks ahead for her, and after leaving a few sweet, yet completely fake, messages on the one girl who manages to always have an excuse and is never present for anything, rightly so I was now not in a happy-go-lucky, I-love-Disneyland kind of mood. After perfoming, however, I had managed to cheer up a bit and was ready to get as far way from everyone as possible. I spent a somewhat lovely day with my friends, aside from the angry still dwelling inside, it was fun. I am now, however, extremely disappointed in my leader's lack of responsibility, class, and respect for me and the rest of the officers. It is something I am currently learning to deal with in a mature manner as a, I'd like to think so, respected leader. Though I would rather have decked her the second she even thought of back talking me. She has another thing coming if she thinks I'm taking this crap sitting down. Wrong. Anyway... I then went home and spent sometime with Arie, who had come over for dinner, and my roommates. The evening turned out to be much better than the rest of the fun filled, exhausting day I had previously experienced.

Sunday- Luckily, we did not have to wake up too early for this concert and we only performing one show. However, the day was still obnoxiously long. We had a call time of 12:45pm with an intent on leaving at 1pm. Did that happen you ask? Why no Blog, it did not! Shockingly one of my officers was the one late this time, thank God it was only by 5 minutes because any later and I probably would have snapped. Most people say Thank God it's Friday, my new found theme, however, is Thank God for Patience, otherwise I would have killed someone by now. What I don't understand is if you knew what time the concert was at, what time we would be singing, and when we would be being fed, why would you not make sure you had filled up before getting on the bus? Well apparently, this concept is way too foreign for freshman because once we had arrived they had all started to complain about how hungry they were. After having 4 girls come ask me if I had any food, I decided to go to the store and get them some food. Stephanie came with me, seeing as she has the car, but once we came back Dr. Hughes didn't let them eat until 10 minutes before going on stage. It completely defeated the purpose of getting food, but whatever. I loved that everyone made a production of thanking Stephanie on Sunday for feeding them and then obnoxiously reiterating the point of how wonderfully observant and caring she is for seeing the girls' need for sustenance and going out to buy them food. I'm trying to be the bigger person however; so, how am I doing? Good? Thanks. The concert did go well, however, and I did thoroughly enjoy it. The dinner wasn't too bad, but I do have to say my favorite part of the day was going home and finally going to bed. I was not too thrilled with the fight I inevitably got into with Chris over the fact that he did not come see me at all that weekend, but again, inevitably we got over it all within the same hour. Good times!

It is shocking how much can happen in a two day period, and unimaginable what could possibly come next after my eventful estrogen filled weekend of choir fun!?! Yet, considering my class with Sage (surprising I know!!!) is almost over, I should probably call it quits for now. I will attempt, not promise but will try, to continue my obvious letter full of love.